Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We are  now working with CE Telecom Network Services Inc.  They are a provider of Network Services, Network Cabling, Video Surveillance, Remote Monitoring,  and other office security applications.   Check out  http://ce-tele.com , there are several links to videos that explain the services that your office might need, and some interesting links to camera demos that allow you to try the PTZ cameras by Advidia and Panasonic.  PG Technology still does the non-regulated functions like Managed Services (Full Service Help Desk 7x24, telecom services, including new Gigabit Internet connections), and CE Telecom Network Services Inc. does network build out and regulated Texas State Private Security activities (Security Cameras).   Stop by and take a look at VMS  (Video Management System)  With the purchase of an Advidia camera the VMS software is free.  A quote off of their website:
"Enterprise VMS Features at No Extra Cost
Each Advidia camera comes bundled with a free copy of Video Insight Enterprise Video Management Software, which includes: Health Monitor, Video Wall, Automated Failover, Unlimited Clients and Users, Active Directory / LDAP Integration – all at no extra cost." 

Check out the features then compare! They also have VMS training available, a two day class, web based videos, and if needed on-site training for a group.  The software is very powerful and allows you to use all of the features of their cameras. It also scales very well for the Enterprise environment.

This is a  copy of post on my Face Book Page take a look a the Video Link, The guy did a good job on it.  "Stories sometimes breathe a breath of reality into our lives; I heard a person telling a story about how somebody came into his yard and took several pieces of equipment. Another person said that he knew of another incident just like that, and then he said that is why he has cameras at his business.
Cameras don’t stop a crime, but if they are installed where they can cover areas where somebody may approach a building or office, they could allow you to possibly get a picture of the perpetrator, or maybe even deter them from continuing to be a bother.
To Catch the Office Thief – The office is empty and nobody is around, my desk and domain are safe, then why is my apple gone!"
Depending on your business, the cost of installing surveillance equipment may not be that great, and it could help you answer questions when things go wrong.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


So the theme is small business, and success.  What is the definition of success?  Just recently while we were working on a project one of our team members said that "when you enjoy what you do, then it is not like we are doing work."  There are challenges, but they are  viewed more like just a stepping stone to the overall goal.  So why do we continue to do what we do in a small business? 

A friend of mine started his small business so that he would have the flexibility to schedule his work around family activities.  His son was involved in Baseball, and he wanted to be a part of that activity.  He was able to achieve his goal, and also do something that he enjoyed.  He values his ability to provide quality work at a fair price.  His customers tend to give him the opportunity to do additional work because they appreciate his attention to detail.

Examples of his work can be found on his website ajemdesigns.com.  He has a proven process to identify the scope of work, quote it, schedule it, do the implementation, keep the worksite clean, and let his customers get back to their normal life with the benefits of a home renovation.  Most of the time Quality work is not found in the least expensive quote, but it is cheaper than doing it again.  Ajem Designs gets the job done, and their goal is leave the door open for repeat business. John enjoys what he does and you will enjoy the rewards of a Quality home renovation.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Several things have happened since the last post.  We have had the opportunity to work with more companies, and have been able to open discussions with groups that represent large numbers of locations with small groups of people working at each location.  It seems that just as I pointed out last time:

o   Common Goal

o   Defined Process

o   Get Paid

o   Attract New Customers

These are all common objectives within the business environment. There is also a new trend in the back office support activities.  Our sample company is more than likely using their cell phone as a tool.  With new VoIP services, they keep their cost down by not having a dedicated telephone line, they forward calls from the main office/home to the cell phone when desired, they utilize voice mail straight to their cell phone, receive email, charge credit cards, and many other things. 

However with all of that activity going on with their cell phone, they should utilize some type of filtered email service to prevent spam from going to their cell phone.  

So their telecom needs would more than likely be Internet, phone, an arguably television.  That is the same mix that our other customers are looking for as well.   The other companies are also looking at ways to consolidate expenses.  They have been asking for  unlimited computer desktop support, Internet, voice over IP, Television, websites, network monitoring, remote support, on-site support, and (network laundry service, you know clean up the problems.)  All of this on one bill for $2.95 / month.  Well you can’t get everything that you ask for; however, there has been a lot of progress with companies that are now providing these services by working with groups of providers that specialize on specific areas of expertise.  In some situations they have multiple partners just in case one can’t meet the needs of a customer.  They like to call themselves consortiums of network services providers.  For the customer it becomes a one stop shop, one throat to choke, one neck-tie to grab, or better stated, a central point of contact to resolve telecom or data issues that prevent companies from meeting their common goals, following a proven process to increase revenue.

Next time, we will discuss some of the new products that are becoming available almost daily.  Until then, I wish you happy hunting on your quest to drive revenues higher.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is a small business?  It is a business that isn’t large, that was simple enough.  But really what is it?  It is just like a large business, but with a smaller focus.  It still has the same goals, to make a profit, conserve resources, and don’t spend too much to get the job done.   However, the challenge is much harder when there is a limited staff.

It never ceases to amaze me when I come in contact with a small successful business.  It almost seems to me that if you distill it down you almost have the same recipe.   

·         Common Goal

·         Defined Process

·         Get Paid

·         Attract New Customers

Then they repeat the process over and over again as quickly as possible and make the most of their opportunity.  The purpose of this blog is to look at some of the issues that are common to all business enterprises, and then look at solving these common problems.

Let’s start off by observing a small operation like a Lawn care company.  While living in a large urban gated community, it was easy to see that there were a large number of companies providing lawn service, and it was interesting to watch the different companies that frequented the neighborhood.  Some companies stood out, they had trailers full of equipment.  The equipment was organized, put into specific places; bags for lawn cuttings, fuel, oil, and spare equipment in case of failures.  Each person in the crew would do a specific job, and from start to finish it would take some where close to half an hour and they would be gone to the next house.  The customer could pay cash, or set up a monthly account.    While they were in the neighborhood, they would ask other people if they needed their lawn cut, and would work them in as needed.

Their goal was to get the lawns mowed, follow a proven process, offer to provide additional services like tree trimming, get paid, ask other neighbors if they needed similar services, and move on.

Short and sweet business plan, hard work, but none the less, it is work that pays.  They had their phone number on their truck, and they also carried business cards that could be handed out.

·         Common Goal

·         Defined Process

·         Get Paid

·         Attract New Customers

Of course, pay taxes, keep the books, keep up with personnel, maintain the equipment, and all of the other things that come along with running a business. 

How can they improve, what problems can they avoid, and how could technology help a small lawn care company?  They could use email, a website, and scheduling software.  In the next post we will take a look at some of the problems and solutions that can be implemented to help our example company.